Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Art That Stopped Me! Premier Post

I've surfed the world and found these treasures along the way. This entry is where I will post artist links that I absolutely love! The selected artist "stopped me in my tracks!" Their body of work shows consistency and dependability; they never let you down. Each artist featured has a unique style that is true and uninhibited. I want to share their art with the world.


Ran is a self-taught artist who originally got his start creating a vampire art portfolio and selling it at game conventions. He soon thereafter submitted a book idea to White Wolf Game Studio and was commissioned to write a sourcebook for Vampire the Masquerade titled "Kindred Most Wanted." The resulting attention led to Ran forming, with three partners, Precedence Entertainment. The company was built around a new Roleplay line Ran created, wrote and illustrated called "Immortal" and enjoyed critical success that led to the creation of a line of collectible card games such as Babylon 5, Alien's VS Predator, Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time, Tombraider, Terminator, Gridiron Fantasy Football and others. Ran left the company, embarking on script-writing and the pursuit of his own art.

Ran has since designed websites (including his own and as well as album covers for a variety of musicians. He is currently involved with commissions and three screenplays, as well as an online novel called Armageddon Almanac on He is also writing a serialized fairytale on called Wonder Land.

Ran loves Calvin and Hobbes and creates most of his art from dreams.
Ran's Gallery

Robin M. Rios

While attending the Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago Robin developed a passion for digital photography and has since refined her digital imaging skills by creating many thought provoking 2D and 3D pieces.

I use Photoshop like a painter uses canvas and a pallet of paints. I begin and end with my own photography to create each piece; Layer after layer until I have reached my desired imaging effects. I take great pride in my work as a digital artist and I challenge myself with every new piece as there are no short cuts to mastering ones' craft.
Robin M Rios Gallery


I am 41 years old,"did I just say that"? I am a Chamorro. I have a wonderful mom, who I might add is my biggest fan. I was born in Georgia. I have 2 children, well their adult's now. My grand baby is Nadia. I just have fun doing art.

I do my work in the dark.If not...I can't see it. I see myself in the heavens with the stars. Star's connecting.
Maji's Gallery

Al Lofsness

Education Bachelor of Fine Arts
Hobbies / Interests Cooking and Eating
Favorite Artistic Medium Painting Oil
Favorite Arthistory Movement Expressionism - (1905 - 1945)

Favorite Visual Artist na

Favorite Work of Art Folk, Naive, Primative, Raw, Outsider

Biggest Artistic Inspiration The world around me.

Why Did You Become An Artist? Why not become an artist?

Personal Biography Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Al Lofsness was educated at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He graduated with a BFA degree in painting.

His early career was in commercial art as a creative director, art director and designer. In 1999 he left the applied arts and began painting full-time.

Since 1999 he has sold paintings to collectors in the United States, Europe and Australia.
Al Lofsness Gallery

Laura Barbosa

Born in New Jersey, Laura is a self-representing Artist with 20 years experience painting animals and subjects of fantasy. She is best known for her Animal Portraits, Surreal Representations, New Wave Digital Art and Colorful Abstracts. Her creations have been described as "Open Minded, Alive and Inventive." She has an amazing capacity to create original works of art in a range of different styles. Being a self-taught artist, Laura’s influence has been inspired by nature, her love for animals, urban environments and fantastical thoughts from her mind. Often, people say that she has a natural ability to capture an animal’s soul. Many who have ordered pet portraits have said that their pets seem to be looking at them. Realistic and Beautiful, Laura’s animals are amongst the best to be captured in paint. Her abstracts and surreal artworks speak for themselves. If you are looking for a unique piece to put on your walls to spark a conversation or relax from a hard days work and fall into wonder. You will be extremely happy with any artwork you choose to own from Laura’s gallery.

Participating Artist and Part of the CREATION TEAM of The "Glory Of Horses"
“a Tribute... a Spectacle... an Incredible Work of Art Now in creation,
The Glory of Horses is scheduled to be unveiled in the Spring of 2008.”

Press Release "Art of the Dog"...Asbury Park Press
Listed with: World Artist Directory
Member of: The Laurelton Art Society
Awards: Prize Ribbon, Acrylics Category….”Bordeaux Dog”
Past Exhibitions: Splash Contemporary Gallery/Tinicum Art Festival
Laura Barbosa's Gallery

Juliana Maz

I'm a Colombian visual Artist, most of my Art work involves the graphic design. You will be able to find acrylic color painting, Photography, drawing, and other interesting stuff. Juliana Maz’s, trajectory lay in developing and exploring a style that encompassed a love of print, pop art, Graphics and the precense of saturated colors. My studies of Graphic Design and Visual Arts complement what I do, being able to offer a fan of possibilities at the time of projecting a work. Without aesthetic classifications nor prejudices Images, as I believe, are fragments of histories, dreams and illusions caught with a lens, a brush, a pen or even with your mind... developed and processed for the benefit, the contemplation, in order to open possibilities in the monotony of our daily life…

Juliana Maz's Gallery

Janet Karam

My first fascination with drawing came at a young age when a young man sat with me creating quick line drawings- it was a relatively simple and unremarkable moment, yet the impression left was powerful and lasting. From that time on, my passion for creating art has progressed to become a central driving force in her life. Karam graduated from the Art Institute of Dallas in 1988, and since then has pursued painting with increasing fascination and verve.

After several years of living in larger cities, I moved to a small historical Texas town where the old, weathered architecture and weathered of my new surroundings inspired the original paintings in my current Funkytown series. I enjoys painting a wide variety of subjects, and whether musical, abstract, animal, portrait or cityscape, I enjoy painting with expressively bold strokes, lively color, and often whimsical compositions.

Janet Karam's Gallery

The Blue Queen

Greetings and well met! Here you will find original artwork by Krissee Beckner, also known as "The Blue Queen." My specialty is fantasy/mystical content using traditional and digital mediums. Each piece is an expression of strong emotion and thought... not just merely pleasing to the eye, but to the mind as well.

Thanks in advance and enjoy the gallery!

(I'd say more than just a few words, but I'm a bit on the shy side. That would probably account for my favoring artistic expression via images as opposed to words. *insert sheepish grin here*)

The Blue Queen's Gallery

Jarmila Kostliva

Born in Prague, Jarmila Kostliva has always been a participant of performing as well as fine arts. Music theatre and dance are all influences that imbue her work with vitality and drama. Her subjects pass through their domains or stages as if passing from one dimension of reality to another. Finding provocative inspiration in Carl Gustav Jung’s meditation on symbols of collective human psyche, Jarmila`s paintings explore realms of emerging subjectivity in varying states of visual conception. She brings gracefully formulated sense of drama to her compositions, extending upon the subterranean mysteries of her archetypal reflections in cyclical concentrations. These images originate from intuitive impulses. Kostliva has exhibited worldwide. My visual arts college education in Czechoslovakia was intended to prepare me for carer of an artist and designer. However, after my graduation I decided to follow my second "dream profession" of becoming a professional ballet dancer. Since my childhood I have been attending ballet and music schools as well and It felt natural to choose an opportunity just waiting for me. I have appeared on stage and in film , working with numerous ballet and dance companies of State Opera and Ballet in Czech Republic, Germany and Canada performing in ballet, operas and musicals. I have been touring extensively in North and South America. After my dance career was about to end, I have decided to get back to painting and seriously pursue the visual arts opportunities. Traveling through the continents to study diverse cultures, specially ancient, primitive and aboroginal, became great inspiration for my work. Experience of the dancer's discipline, stage, music, fantasy and ability to transform the body and mind to different levels of the awareness was important part of my life. My art as well as my life has formed the way I express and define myself in my work. Please see my exhibition history and awards

Jarmila Kostliva Galleries

Angel D' Amico

• Angel D'Amico is a Chicago based Freelance Illustrator and Designer. Loving life and living her dream, Angel has a unique sense of style and a wide range of skills from drawing to painting, digital art, graphic design, playing and composing music, hand screen printing, book making, sewing, photography, crocheting, cookie making, and some other random skills. She Combines her fine art skills with her digital artwork, to create beautiful, unique, and exotic environments of work. Also the creator, editor, and publisher of Carpal Tunnel Online magazine, dedicated to feature independent artists from all over the world, working hard to follow their dreams. Major projects Angel is working on right now, is the design and illustration of over 30 pages for YRB magazine, cover design/illustration, fashion, features, and gearing up sections. As well as collaboratively working on illustrations/music for Ecko unltd with Donnie Bauer and Mode Project, who is making her illustrations into Motion Graphics Pieces. As well as a working on a few other projects, for, and pro-bono work for Mom, as usual :) Accomplished Suzuki Method Pianist for 19 years • Clients include: YRB magazine, PEEL Magazine, Create Magazine, Venus, BPM, Los Angeles Journal, Don't Panic Media, RDA - KORG, Two x Four - Wrangler, The Gepetto Group - Topps, The Abbey Pub,, Abbey Brown Soap, 160over90 - Aramark, Lollapalooza, The Whole 9

Angel D' Amico Galleries

Mike Urdun'a
I'm going to personally comment on this artist: His work has so much energy and originality! I love his Mixed Media Work. I'm a serious fan of Mike Urdun'a. Check out his work!

Tom Jones Berney

I am 24 years old and currently residing in Nottingham in England. I like to draw and display some of the work I have done since my art course to the present day and I will continue to put stuff up as and when I do it, and if I like it enough!

Tom Jones Berney

Having Fun in "Moderating"

Hi Everyone! My latest task is Moderating The Emerging Artist Forum at d' Although, it is challenging and time consuming, I've received so much satisfaction by help developing Emerging Artist careers. My goal is to help give the exposure Artist out there need in today's market. I've began to enlist professionals from all over the world to help contribute information, advice and know how to the forum

I'm inviting any serious artist out there to post and show "show your stuff". Just click on the link under "more tonyp".

Thank you,


Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Collection "TIRED"

"Coming Undone" 2008
This image is the first in the collection. "Coming Undone" was created from frustration, feelings of helplessness and the fear of losing everything.

Hi everyone!
I just started a new collection titled "TIRED". This is my sixth collection. It is inspired from things in life that I am fed up with. It is a work in progress. I have, to date, 4 images in the collection.

Below is a preview of the collection. Please leave a comment! Your opinion is valuable.

"Kicked Down" 2008

This is the second image from the collection. This was created from a defeatist attitude. I felt beaten and wounded.

"The Unknown" 2008

This is the fourth image from the collection. The third piece is still a work in progress. "The Unknown" is just a scary and uneasy place to be in. If fortuned, you will have someone to travel with you.

Jealousy 2008
You see it everywhere; in every form. The green-eyed monster. You see in it in everyone's eyes. How many people lives have been destroyed from it? How many more will be destroyed?

Empty Promises 2008 (New!)
This image is, unfortunately, inspired from life experience. I'm so tired of empty promises. It's just that simple!

I really don't know where this collection is going, I'm just going to roll with it and see where I travel.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Memory Lane

I remember at fourteen, walking down the street I lived. I was shooting pictures of all the houses on the block with my Kodak Instamactic 125 camera. I used color film and then developed the film with black and white chemicals. I didn't think anything would appear.

To my amazement, instead of color negative images I got black and white positive images. I remember how thrilled I was just to see anything.

Memories like these are what keep me inspired to continue to create, experiment and task risks.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Definition of Success

What is Success?

I've developed a serious marketing strategy plan. I've submitted artwork to who in turn prints high quality Giclee prints and provides tools for me to market them. I joined an online Art Community at which in two days after submitting artwork, I received over 1800 visits.
I have an online store that sells my artwork on various merchandise. I will soon be publishing a paperback entitled "Ominous Beauty".

Now, that is what I define as success! I've finally found a vehicle to share my world with others

From The Words of Robert Kernodle

Yes, I can see it now:

In another ten years, Tony will have written so many websites that he will BECOME Google. He will be exposed all over the globe and perhaps to the ends of the solar system. He will include all his friends and photos of their inspired work. He will sit for days on end, hours on end, with the aid of life extension aids, genetic emplanted synthetic biological structures,... one step away from a strong artificial intelligence transhuman,... typing, typing, typing away,.... another website, and another, and another,.... the earth will become engulfed by the sun's expansion, the oceans will dry up,... yet still he will create more websites to expose more artists, and more, and more, and more.

Humans will become extinct, and a little skinny barely humanoid, tentacled creature will accidentally step on him, not realizing that it was HE who was their predecessor, engendering the very transformation for which he and all his artist cohorts had no clue.

Artist Robert Kernodle - Fluidism - Art Of Fluid
Fluidism is the art of manipulating real fluid mixtures to discover visually pleasing patterns. Using containers or surfaces to pool liquid paints and other fluids, the artist drops, pours or otherwise adds layers, while observing spontaneous patterns, which he then captures with a camera. A human hand controls the boundaries of the pool, the beginning colors, and the choices of which fluids to use. The so called "laws of physics" take care of the details.

Robert Kernodle

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Building A Brand

logo2006 copy

Well, it's a new year and I have major plans and goals to achieve.

I've been working on my Brand Building Project which consist of putting my name out there. I'm planning an One Man Exhibit of all my work this year at various venues.

This past year, I designed and produced a line of fine-art Bookmarks (which did very well I might add).

My first Marketing Project for this upcoming year was to Produce, Promote and Distribute my line of fine-art T-shirts. My artwork is one of a kind, therefore, I figure, so must my T-shirts be. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED-I'm satisfied with the designs of the shirts, nonetheless, I'm still an artist who's never really satisfied.

I'm so thrilled that everyone is so excited about the T-shirts. So look out!

Thanks for your time,


My Craft - My Therapist

Recently, a friend's boyfriend's father became terminally ill. Another friend broke up with their boyfriend and another friend lost their job. Well, we all have some kind of unwanted drama in our lives!

Whenever life throws me a curve ball, I find myself creating whether it's editing my screenplay, sketching with my charcoals or starting a new mixed media image.

The point is, which I tell anyone with any kind of trouble, you need an outlet to channel all that unwanted energy ; a free therapist so to speak. You need something that no one can take away from you, something that you don't need anyone to do it with, something that gives you and only you satisfaction.

I've been through a lot of personal drama in my life, if is wasn't for my craft, I'm certain I would have perished.

My Craft, My Therapist

The Great Escape

We all need an escape. Find yours if you want to survive in this crazy- beautiful world we live in.