Sunday, February 17, 2008

Memory Lane

I remember at fourteen, walking down the street I lived. I was shooting pictures of all the houses on the block with my Kodak Instamactic 125 camera. I used color film and then developed the film with black and white chemicals. I didn't think anything would appear.

To my amazement, instead of color negative images I got black and white positive images. I remember how thrilled I was just to see anything.

Memories like these are what keep me inspired to continue to create, experiment and task risks.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Definition of Success

What is Success?

I've developed a serious marketing strategy plan. I've submitted artwork to who in turn prints high quality Giclee prints and provides tools for me to market them. I joined an online Art Community at which in two days after submitting artwork, I received over 1800 visits.
I have an online store that sells my artwork on various merchandise. I will soon be publishing a paperback entitled "Ominous Beauty".

Now, that is what I define as success! I've finally found a vehicle to share my world with others

From The Words of Robert Kernodle

Yes, I can see it now:

In another ten years, Tony will have written so many websites that he will BECOME Google. He will be exposed all over the globe and perhaps to the ends of the solar system. He will include all his friends and photos of their inspired work. He will sit for days on end, hours on end, with the aid of life extension aids, genetic emplanted synthetic biological structures,... one step away from a strong artificial intelligence transhuman,... typing, typing, typing away,.... another website, and another, and another,.... the earth will become engulfed by the sun's expansion, the oceans will dry up,... yet still he will create more websites to expose more artists, and more, and more, and more.

Humans will become extinct, and a little skinny barely humanoid, tentacled creature will accidentally step on him, not realizing that it was HE who was their predecessor, engendering the very transformation for which he and all his artist cohorts had no clue.

Artist Robert Kernodle - Fluidism - Art Of Fluid
Fluidism is the art of manipulating real fluid mixtures to discover visually pleasing patterns. Using containers or surfaces to pool liquid paints and other fluids, the artist drops, pours or otherwise adds layers, while observing spontaneous patterns, which he then captures with a camera. A human hand controls the boundaries of the pool, the beginning colors, and the choices of which fluids to use. The so called "laws of physics" take care of the details.

Robert Kernodle