Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Collection "TIRED"

"Coming Undone" 2008
This image is the first in the collection. "Coming Undone" was created from frustration, feelings of helplessness and the fear of losing everything.

Hi everyone!
I just started a new collection titled "TIRED". This is my sixth collection. It is inspired from things in life that I am fed up with. It is a work in progress. I have, to date, 4 images in the collection.

Below is a preview of the collection. Please leave a comment! Your opinion is valuable.

"Kicked Down" 2008

This is the second image from the collection. This was created from a defeatist attitude. I felt beaten and wounded.

"The Unknown" 2008

This is the fourth image from the collection. The third piece is still a work in progress. "The Unknown" is just a scary and uneasy place to be in. If fortuned, you will have someone to travel with you.

Jealousy 2008
You see it everywhere; in every form. The green-eyed monster. You see in it in everyone's eyes. How many people lives have been destroyed from it? How many more will be destroyed?

Empty Promises 2008 (New!)
This image is, unfortunately, inspired from life experience. I'm so tired of empty promises. It's just that simple!

I really don't know where this collection is going, I'm just going to roll with it and see where I travel.


Sara said...

You are going a lot of places! Your collection is awesome, and I can't wait until you are rich n famous. We can hang out, go shopping, and be bitches!

jw9653 said...

Tony P...Your hardwork is all going to pay off one day!! Your going to look back and say to yourself "I put faith in my work and believed in myself and look how far it got me". I love your work Tony, it kinda takes your into your own world and you look at the pictures and how they relate to your own life. Your on your way Tony P!!! Keep going and keep BELIEVING!!!! Love it!!!!