Thursday, January 31, 2008

Building A Brand

logo2006 copy

Well, it's a new year and I have major plans and goals to achieve.

I've been working on my Brand Building Project which consist of putting my name out there. I'm planning an One Man Exhibit of all my work this year at various venues.

This past year, I designed and produced a line of fine-art Bookmarks (which did very well I might add).

My first Marketing Project for this upcoming year was to Produce, Promote and Distribute my line of fine-art T-shirts. My artwork is one of a kind, therefore, I figure, so must my T-shirts be. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED-I'm satisfied with the designs of the shirts, nonetheless, I'm still an artist who's never really satisfied.

I'm so thrilled that everyone is so excited about the T-shirts. So look out!

Thanks for your time,


My Craft - My Therapist

Recently, a friend's boyfriend's father became terminally ill. Another friend broke up with their boyfriend and another friend lost their job. Well, we all have some kind of unwanted drama in our lives!

Whenever life throws me a curve ball, I find myself creating whether it's editing my screenplay, sketching with my charcoals or starting a new mixed media image.

The point is, which I tell anyone with any kind of trouble, you need an outlet to channel all that unwanted energy ; a free therapist so to speak. You need something that no one can take away from you, something that you don't need anyone to do it with, something that gives you and only you satisfaction.

I've been through a lot of personal drama in my life, if is wasn't for my craft, I'm certain I would have perished.

My Craft, My Therapist

The Great Escape

We all need an escape. Find yours if you want to survive in this crazy- beautiful world we live in.