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Art That Stopped Me

I've surfed the world and found these treasures along the way. This entry is where I will post artist links that I absolutely love! The selected artist "stopped me in my tracks!" Their body of work shows consistency and dependability; they never let you down. Each artist featured has a unique style that is true and uninhibited. I want to share their art with the world.

William “ZAIDEN” Chrysler

William “ZAIDEN” Chrysler is internationally renowned for his uncompromising devotion to
the art of photography, which is reflected by his thought-provoking portfolio. His beautiful, bold and often intense images turn their back on what he deems an otherwise lifeless world.
“I want to awaken people and make them see another side of life,” Photography lured ZAIDEN from a very young age. Growing up, he would jump in front of the camera at every opportunity. When he appeared on the other side of the viewfinder, he captured his first image: a reflection. “As I looked within the picture, I found myself more and more excited about the canvas I could create,” he said. “I developed a passion for capturing rare and spontaneous moments to immortalize the emotion and subject within it.” The professional photographer of 10 years is credited with having a gift for bringing out the uniqueness and talent in “anyone or anything.” Demonstrating a rare command of colour, shading and expression, he awakens subjects within their environment, exposing them to examination and admiration. ZAIDEN specializes in fashion, editorial and portrait photography, and offers traditional film and complete digital photographic services, in-studio or on location. “The greatest rush is to be challenged with using my surroundings to achieve mood and mystery.” • ZAIDEN

David Mowbray

My creative influences include; the artwork of Andy potts, Jose Parla, Patrick Caulfield and Harland Miller; the music and artwork of Robert del Naja and Goldie; designer Alan Fletcher; photographer William Eggleston; grafitti, street and urban art.

David Mowbay's Galleries

T Smith
All I know about this artist from the UK is that her body of work is spectacular! She gives you what I call "Afro-Pop"!

These are her words- "A symbolic piece of art signifies how people should get together for positive changes to be made.
The world is a very divided place in terms of various labels being placed upon us and those categories we place our selves in, people pull apart rather than together because of this. "

T Smith's Gallery

Leni Kae

"There is a mysterious thing about objects of beauty; they seem to cast a spell over observers, drawing them in with their enchanting presence. Observers of beauty will without doubt witness their unexplained power to awe and seduce.

Perhaps most amazing, is their ability to touch our heart with the truth they reveal. They inspire us to see ourselves as a part of a bigger universe, and with this reframe our vision of the world.

Such beauty is art, and such art is beauty.

This is what I hope to achieve with my art. To bring viewers a taste of beauty. To awaken the senses through colour and my knowledge of their astounding affects on both body and mind. And importantly, bring forth a reminder of the uniting elements of our human existence.

I hope you enjoy the message of my work."
Leni Kae's Galleries

John Kolbek
Self Taught, Surrealism, Traditional
Artist, Illustrator - Traditional, Painter
Oils and Ink
Creative Tools Used
Oils and Ink

pulling my hair out and screaming


Created the "Forever 27" poster, Illustrated for L.Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future Vol.18, did album covers and shirts for Dog Fashion disco, Tub Ring, Hunab Ku, Polkadot Cadaver and so on...

Oils and Ink

Ryden, Hussar, Schorr, Hogin, Bruegel, Bosch, every renissance artist, Ernst, Dali

John Kolbeck's galleries

Angie Rowe

"I’m somewhat of a free spirit – never quite fitting into anyone’s mold. I see the world through an observatory window, and often run a silent commentary using brush stokes or adhered papers and fabric to give birth to my voice. I’m hooked on vibrant colors, textures, abstract dimensions, and ethnic vibes; and whenever I consider the role that art plays in our lives, I marvel at the way artistic diversity stretches across all medians and reflect (even if only in some small way) a part of who we are".
Angie Rowe

Angie Rowe's Galleries

Alexander Rosado

Painting and drawing since very early childhood until his young adult years, Alexander nevertheless embarked on a totally different mission in pursuit of science, mathematics, and engineering, working for various multinational corporations until fed up with so much bull shit he suffered a mental breakdown and survived a mental breakthrough. Leaping and diving head on, smashing through with a lyrical "bellyflop" into his true talent and passion.

My artwork is an attempt to portray the transformation of our physicality to an energetically infused view (or vice versa) where concepts such as chaos, fragmentation, light, boundaries, etc., play on the juxtaposition of one another.

Alexander Rosado's Galleries

Yuri Martinez Ramos

Fine artist Yuri Martinez left Cuba in 2000 but Cuba continues to inhabit his paintings. Manifesting a superb technical mastery, Martinez’s figurative oils on canvas reveal a Cuban society where the tint of the tropical sun and the tones of a decadent system combine to create a surreal magical realism where dreams, fantasies, and frustration play together as the leading actor on a stage. Martinez has been compared to Chagall in his blend of cubism and surrealism, and to Botero in his use of expressive faces and satirical social commentary, but his style remains uniquely his own.

Martinez was born in Havana, Cuba, in 1964, into a family of artists. His father is a renowned illustrator and designer and for many years work for Cuba’s National Scientific Academy and his uncles were well-known sculptors, his grandfather was a painter of some note. Martinez and his older brother, now a fine artist as well, would spend countless hours in their family’s small apartment engaged in artistic sibling rivalry, seeing who could out-draw the other.

Yuri Martinez Ramos' Gallery

Shawn McDonald

"Starving Artist eats own soul"

Shawn McDonald's Gallery

borell luc

I take pictures exclusively with the digital camera from my mobil phone, currently a Nokia. I'm not a professional photographer, I find technique dead boring and I have found the simplest, least technical and most practical equipment to be my mobil phone and his digital camera... Apart from that, I'm a "cultural engineer", agent and art dealer in my spare time. I have always had a passion for art as a global medium. But it took me several years to accept that I myself could create... and show my work! So now it's done. But as I don't want to die a "poor artist" nor cut my ear off (van gogh) and .., modestly and simply make a living with. I thought that Imagekind would be a good solution. Thanks to Imagekind and thanks to all you visitors, viewers, buyers or all three together..."
borell luc galleries

Daniel Cheong

Born in Mauritius Island (Indian Ocean), fro Chinese descent, French by nationality. Became really addicted to photography when I bought my first DSLR in September 2006. Discovered High Dynamic Range imagery with flickr, I try to use this technique to reproduce what my eyes really saw when my camera captured the scene.

Daniel Cheong's Galleries

Michael Misislyan

Michael Misislyan was born in Soviet Armenia,September 1973. He moved with his family to Los Angeles at the age of 5. Michael has worked as a commercial photographer, creative director and graphic artist. His passion has always been and always will be photography. His work does not have any one underlying theme, but rather he attempts to weave all the elements that expose our vulnerabilities. Sex, death, humor, fear, guilt, love, compassion, morality. In essence...all that makes us so profoundly human. He currently resides in Queens, NY.
Michael Misislyan Galleries

JAEDA dewalt

Jaeda DeWalt, explores survivor issues, sexuality, sensuality and spirituality through compelling self-portrait photography and poetry. She invites you into a world hushed with visual silence, laced with haunting dreamscapes and subtle sensualisms(artistic nudity).

JAEDA dewalt's galleries

Krista S. Raak (sylvestra)

At my digital compositions I use details and images painted in Photoshop with Wacom Tablet, photos I have taken, patterns created with Apophysis and my original scanned embroidery designs which I have designed and collected for years. Some hi- res scanned and altered details are from my vintage ephemera collection, lace, antique paper/fabrics collection. One of my styles is very decorative and colorful, other is more ethereal and dreamy. ...My inspiration is carried from flow of dreams and senses,- being mostly intuitive I let the vision of colors and feelings lead me on in creative process. The details in my works are often attached with books I've read, people I hold dear, moments captured in my mind and colors all around.
Krista S. Raak's Galleries

Leon Alegria
My art is distinguished by precise and finely executed draughtsmanship of almost photographic exactitude. Even though the paintings have a contemporary look they are too academic in technique. Paint is applied smoothly and evenly in a varied and generally vivid palette that occasionally melts into dark shadows. I have produced large quantities of drawings and paintings that include portraits, surreal environments and abstract compositions. They can be seen in collections worldwide. In short, my world is a happy mixture of dream and reality, fantasy and nostalgia, delight in nature and a genuine love of humanity.
Leon Alegria Galleries


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